Home Education

Classes provide guidance on a variety of issues including renting rights, storm preparedness, and healthy homes.

In the Healthy Home program, information and activities presented will help you find common sources of pollution, learn how the pollutants get into your home, and learn about the related health effects. By participating, you will learn how to take inexpensive action steps toward reducing you and your families’ risk of exposure to pollutants, helping you make your home a Healthy Home.

The benefits of taking part in this program include:

  • Recognizing indoor pollutants and what they can do to your health.
  • Learn ways to get rid of and control pollutants to prevent health problems in your family.
  • Missing less days of school and/or work due to health problems.
  • Higher quality of life.

Classes are held the last Tuesday of every month from 5:30 to 7 PM at the Family Impact Center.  To register, fill out the form below and return to 105 E Ash Street, Suite 200 or email guillemettea@missouri.edu.

Home Education Registration Form