Adult Learning Center

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The Columbia Area Career Center’s Adult Learning Center (ALC) strives to promote life-long, adult education in the Columbia, MO community. To better achieve this goal and serve the Columbia community, the ALC now has seven locations including its headquarters at the Columbia Area Career Center. As mentioned above, one of these sites is at our center. For more information regarding the seven different site locations, please visit their website here. To achieve their mission, the ALC offers High-school Equivalency Courses as well as English Language Classes.

English Language Classes

The Adult Learning Center of Columbia, Missouri provides many activities to support non-native English speakers in improving their English language skills. Not only does the ALC help individuals in preparing for and securing employment, but it also provides information about and referrals to community resources. The ALC promotes American citizenship through civics and language instruction, and it offers a healthy, encouraging and friendly environment to foster esteem in learning.

English classes are available in the morning, afternoon and evening for all levels of ESL students. To find out more about what specifically the ALC does in these classes as well as enrollment information, please click here

High-school Equivalency Courses

The Columbia Area Career Center’s Adult Learning Center will help you obtain your high school equivalency certificate. These classes are free and open to the public. In their adult education and reading enrichment classes, you can improve on these:

  • Reading–read to understand and use the information to your benefit
  • Writing–sentences, punctuation, paragraphs, essays
  • Math–the basics, Algebra, Geometry, word problems, and fractions
  • Communication–effective ways to say what you mean, get what you want, and listen to others
  • Critical Thinking–taking information, thinking about it and forming an opinion or idea
  • Problem Solving–making good, reasonable choices that benefit not only you but also others
  • Life Skills–things you need to know to improve your life
  • HiSET Preparation–learn and practice for your diploma

High School Equivalency classes are available in the morning, afternoon and evening for all levels of students. For more information regarding the High-school Equivalency courses or enrollment, please click here.


Tiger Pediatrics

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Dr. Ellen Thomas of Tiger Pediatrics will see patients every Wednesday from 1pm – 6pm. Services will include vaccinations, sick visits and well child check-ups. These will be available to children age 0-19 who are already Tiger Pediatrics patients, or who would like to become Tiger Pediatrics patients. To schedule an appointment, call (573)777-7627.